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About Bully Contract & Team

Allow us to introduce ourselves, Bully Contracting has a minimum of 29+ Years Experience in the Residential Building Industry. Bully Contracting was created by two families who guarantee there time, effort, and attention to your project. Bully Contracting has exceeded at building both small and large scale projects for many years. Having peace of mind on your project is our main priority. Keeping the Customer updated with Professionalism and the Standard of Quality our Customers Expect is one of our Ultimate Goals. Providing both licensed and insured employees that you can trust to make your vision come to life. 

Our Process

Bully Contracting follows certain steps to ensure a quality project is delivered. 

Our process is to make sure that every customer is happy and excited during and after the project is completed. Making sure our qualified employees treat you and your home with professionalism. Bully Contracting wants every customer to truly enjoy the building process, we do everything we can to ensure this is the outcome!

Below you can see the process we have on every project! 


First Meeting

The first step:

Bully Contracting will call to schedule a onsite meeting. During this meeting our sales staff will listen to everything the customer wants and needs. The salesman will then create the Bid for the customers project and send it to that customer with a rough rendering drawing of the project!


Project Build Begins

The build process then starts.

Projects are always kept clean and organized, we have a project manager visiting every project once a day, to answer any questions or concerns the customers may have.


Customer Accepts Bid

Once a Customer accepts the Bid, Bully Contracting will then create and send all appropriate forms and paperwork to our new customer. There will be a second meeting to sign a finalize all paperwork and plans.


The Finishing


When the project build is completed, a final meeting will be held with the project manager and customer. There is a final walk through with our customers on every project, this is to ensure the customers are satisfied with the project build. There is a final cleaning before leaving the project!

Our Quality Guarantee

Bully Contracting has a two year craftsmanship guarantee on every project that we build, we treat your home as if it was our own. Bully Contracting wants to ensure our customers are satisfied with their completed project, we want every customer to be proud of their new project Built By Bully. 
Guaranteeing professionalism, Quality, Peace of Mind, and Safety. 

Create your dream project.
Tell us about it today.

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